The Branch 14 CCA Clothing closet is operational and available to all Louisville and AO CCA carriers.   TINA DAVIS is the point of contact for all CCA clothing requests.  She will be available before every Eboard Meeting at 6:30 pm and before every Union Meeting at 7 pm for all CCA carriers.  Contact Tina at (502)817-4445 or email at to schedule an appointment. 


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CCA back pay update

NALC has filed a national level grievance regarding former CCAs who have not received their back pay to date. The grievance covers approximately 6000 former CCAs who had been converted to career employees prior to August 7, 2017 and have not yet received back pay for time worked as a CCA during the back pay period. These employees previously received back pay for time worked as a career employee during the back pay period.

There is no dispute between NALC and USPS at the headquarters level that these employees are owed back pay. USPS has been unable to determine when these employees will receive the rest of their back pay. NALC has asked for additional compensation for the unreasonable delay.